Last week the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Florida appointed the new members of the Florida Blockchain Task Force and there is much hope of what can be achieved. This task force will under the supervision of the Department of Financial Services and they will begin the vital work of understanding this technology and how it can benefit Floridians to use the security provided by this new tool.  It’s a great time for technology in Florida, and it may encourage innovation, which supports the economy and increases the competitiveness and modernization.

Of the 13 members selected to be on the Task Force the CFO appoint three of them who are: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez with more than 9 years of leadership experience working in the public sector as Mayor and long-time City Commissioner; Former State Representative and Public Service Commissioner Ronald Brisé who has more than 20 years of experience in telecom, energy, utilities, government and business, and The Department of Financial Services Chief Information Officer Charles Ghini who brings more than 33 years of service to the State of Florida and has an extensive technological and leadership experience.

With this announcement the Florida’s CFO continues to show his support to the technology growth and innovation, and the establishment of this task force will bring to Florida changes that to takes an important first step toward the future.

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